Less is the New More: Transformer Tables

In small spaces there is not always room for a dining room table and a coffee table; why not have one unit that serves both functions? It is not a new idea- according to the New York Times, "In the American colonies in the 17th century, for instance, some homes had settles, or long wood settees, whose high backs were hinged so they could be unlatched and folded down to make a table when the dinner bell rang. Victorian explorers — at least those with enough money to travel in style — rarely ventured into the dark and uncharted without collapsible furniture that could do double and sometimes triple duty" They might have liked the Esprit table from Target that goes from 12 to 32 inches high, and doubles in width. ::Target via ::New York Times
Roomy, in Toronto, is a store devoted to design for small spaces and imports the Tonic multifunctional coffee table from Italy. 5 different heights with an expandible top, We are not certain that it would be easy to raise and lower with those casters on a shag rug as shown, but like the look of it. C$1400.::Roomy