Koloru Desk Is A Dollhouse For Working

We do go on about the benefits of working at home, but sometimes you need a bit of privacy, particularly in small apartments with no spare rooms, like most people live in Japan. Torafu Architects have designed this clever little desk that gives you that little bit of visual privacy.

According to Mocoloco,
It comes with windows in various locations that can be opened and closed to adjust the level of privacy. There are also spaces for lighting, potted plants, and even a windowsill that can be used for display or storage purposes.

It also gives you a little privacy when you fall asleep at your desk.

A lovely idea from Torafu Architects, designed for decorative plywood manufacturerIchiro.

Koloru Desk Is A Dollhouse For Working
Sometimes, you just want a little privacy while you work. Torafu Architects have developed a desk that gives you it.

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