Kilppen Klappen is a Klever Minimalist Desk With A Place for Everything.

One of the problems of working at home, particularly in small spaces, is that your stuff never goes away. That's why we keep showing desks that transform into something else, or close up like a modern version of aBiedermeier desk. German designer Gregor Korolewicz has designed a lovely one, that he calls the Klippen Klappen.

The hinge design lets the two upper pieces lift up and drop down to the rear, exposing the working surface.

Inside, it can accommodate a modern computer or old Rapidograph pens and drafting tools.

The only problem I see with it is that it cannot go against the wall, but has to sit out a bit to allow those drawers to go back. Other than that, a lovely answer to the problem of small spaces. More at the designer's website

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