Kick Ash Furniture from Lost Trees Shown in Chicago

junctures chair photo

Ross Fiersten, "Junctures"

In the west we have the mountain pine beetle destroying the forests; in central USA and Canada we have the emerald ash borer, an accidental Chinese import, that has killed 25 million ash trees. The US Department of agriculture's method of dealing with is to destroy every tree within half a mile of an infected area. This produces a lot of wood.

Members of the Chicago Furniture Designers Association have put together an exhibition of furniture- chairs, chests, tables and shelves- made from ash trees affected by the beetle. Since much of the wood probably comes from the area around the infected area, it appears normal and probably isn't full of bugs.

phoenix chair photo

Gary 'Hal' Link, "Phoenix Chair"

The furniture can be seen at Rising from Ashes: Furniture from Lost Trees at the Morton Arboretum. Via Chicagoist, who also coined the great title.

Canadians were not so lucky; the mountain pine beetle stains the wood blue.
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