Keep all your notes on the Analog Memory Desk

Analog desk
CC BY 1.0 Kirsten Camara

In his book Why Architects Still Draw (I didn't know they did), author Paolo Belardi claims that a drawing "holds within it the entire final design. It is the paradox of the acorn: a project emerges from a drawing – even from a sketch, rough and inchoate – just as an oak tree emerges from an acorn." Perhaps that's why there is a place for Kirsten Camara's wonderful Analog Memory Desk. She calls it "a tool to record all the small items you write down once, but intend to forget tomorrow," but it looks to me like a tool to keep your notes forever on a continuous scrolling record. Or, it could save that great architectural doodle that will grow into a mighty building and be framed on a wall someday.

1,100 yards of paper will record the lists, the phones numbers you call once, the pixel size of that box on that website, the street name of that business, and the long division you try to remember.

It is a lovely looking desk, as long as you are careful and don't roll the paper and have your MacBook fall onto the floor. Perhaps there should be optional nets. More at Kirsten Camara, found on Doornob.

Keep all your notes on the Analog Memory Desk
You will never lose your notes with this.

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