Just What We Needed Dept: A Bed That Makes Itself

Making a bed with a duvet on it is so tough, one of life's great time consuming chores. That's why I am so excited about the OHEA smart bed; it makes itself. When in automatic mode (because pressing the remote is hard), three seconds after you get out of bed, lids pop open on either side, mechanical arms pop up and grab the edges of the custom duvet cover and pull it up. The pillows are lifted to allow the cover to slide underneath. It takes 50 seconds.

It seems rather silly and unnecessary, a lot of technology for not much of a purpose but to be fair, for some people it might be useful.

There are also many instances in which because of advanced age, some genetic defect, some type of physical disability or because of an accidents, the individual is simply unable to make the bed or where to do so the person would have to make an extraordinary effort which itself could end up being detrimental to the person’s health.

A few years ago I got rightfully pounded in comments for criticizing an electric jar opener by people who had arthritis and degenerative diseases, but I am not sure that this is in the same category.

More at OHEA, found on Materialicious.

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Just What We Needed Dept: A Bed That Makes Itself
How to waste a whole lot of technology and energy to do a very simple thing

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