Just what we needed Dept: an $8500 Wobbly Chair

chair occupiedLimbIC/Promo image

We have been saying for years that you should get off your butt, that sitting down is killing us. The first response is to suggest a standing desk as an alternative to seating, but Dr. Patrik Künzler has come up with another: The LimbIC chair. It has two carbon-fiber shells moulded to your thighs.

The result: LimbIC gives maximum freedom of movement, following not only each physical motion, but also each state of mind. You don’t sit, you float. You are not blocked, you are free. Your energy is not drained, it is stimulated. You can dance, move, stretch, relax and stay in tune with your thoughts. Because of this LimbIC has amazing effects on your mood and on your performance. LimbIC helps you focus better, lets your ideas flow, strengthens your posture, and helps you relax. It is a very special limbIC feeling.

The promo literature suggests that this chair will make us happier and healthier, and even smarter:

Touch, movement and motion all have a tremendous impact on our lives. They are medically beneficial, inspire us, give us better health while boosting performance and creativity. We've all had the experience while jogging or hiking or even having a shower, the solution to a problem or an inspirational idea pops into our heads. ....Sitting can not only be healthier, it can, in fact, make you happier!

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Some are not convinced about its appearance; Venessa Wong writes in Bloomberg Business Week:

The design is so radical that it’s barely recognizable as something to sit on. “Some people think: gynecology chair,” Künzler admits. “It doesn’t look comfortable. With a human in it, you recognize it as a chair, but without it you don’t.”

Not only will it make you smarter and happier, this chair will make you poorer; it costs $ 8500. For now, I will stick to standing to get my motion and movement. More at Inno-motion

Just what we needed Dept: an $8500 Wobbly Chair
Evidently your butt is connected to your brain, and this chair will make you happy.

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