Julian Lwin Biodegradable Biotube Bench


The green fingered designer Julian Lwin is back with another fertile creation. Those of you who are familiar with his Galapagos Table and Urban Oasis will know that Lwin’s designs grow on you quite literally! This time he has created a bench from recycled cardboard cylinders which are embedded with seeds using a cellulose liquid. This seems a lovely idea, reminiscent of the cardboard grass chair which can be assembled and then planted with grass seeds so you can watch it grow. However, the grass chair appears rather more durable than the Biotube bench. Inhabitat tells us that this bench is designed specifically to biodegrade into ‘a rich mulch layer’ and turn into an ‘instant garden.’ As writer Sarah Rich says, ‘What is this thing going to look like in 6 months, while it is in the process of bio-degrading?’ One amusing comment on Inhabitat was a little less polite, ‘You can spend money on something that will fall apart on purpose! And it’s really ugly too! Because the designers eschewed the fact that cardboard can be made into practically any shape or design so that we can all look awkward sitting on a pile of wet mailing tubes. With grass in them!’ We presume that the idea is not to sit on it once it is biodegrading, but that this is some kind of ephemeral furniture. We like the idea that temporary biodegrable furniture might have its uses in some circumstances, but we're just not sure about the practicalities. Hmmmmm... we might prefer to sit on the garden fence on this one, less comfortable and a little wobbly maybe, but certainly drier and cleaner. via: Inhabitat ::Lwin Designs

* After getting in contact with Julian Lwin about the Biotube Bench to ask him more about his design he replied with the following explanation: "The Biotube bench is really an experimental 'ephemeral' or seasonal bench - so it will indeed biodegrade - the real point being the individual (1/4" thick walled) recycled tubes which are manufactured for rolling carpets and fabrics are perfect containers to grow seedlings from. The seating concept is really secondary, however in it's non degraded state it is very durable and quite comfortable. Each individual seed saturated tube can be positioned in an outdoor urban or domestic environment (the cardboard tubes can be filled with newspaper/soil/sawdust etc to assist with the mulching) add water and sunlight - a garden is formed. The photo showing the bench with seedlings is an indoor example of how the bench could look before it biodegrades in to an organic mulch bed- as an indoor bench the tubes work very well as a planter!"