LLSTOL Transformer Furniture: Just Two Pieces Convert From Chair To Table To Sofa

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Readers of a certain age will remember a TV jingle for Lestoil, a disgusting cleaning product that smelled like a gasoline soaked pine tree. It has earwormed me since I saw LLSTOL in Gizmag, which explains:

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LLSTOL started life in a small workshop in Ljubljana, Slovenia. It was here that Niko Klansek studied the ergonomics of chairs in an effort to create a simple, elegant piece of furniture that could be easily stored when not in use. After much experimentation with different prototypes, the L-shaped boards that now form the basis for the piece were crafted. A small local chair factory called STOL & STOL agreed to collaborate with Klansek, and LLSTOL was born.

LLSTOL partsLLSTOL/Promo image

It is extremely clever; just two almost identical laminated moulded plywood parts where only the slot is different. They can be stacked for storage, or hooked together in a number of different ways to make everything from chairs to tables to shelving units.

Dave at Gizmag calls it "a piece designed to be simple, multi-functional, versatile, portable, and practical." I am not sure it does any one function as well as a stand-alone item designed for that single purpose, but the surprise is that such a simple idea can do them at all.

More at LLSTOL and Kickstarter

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