Imprint Chairs with Cellupress Technology

We just can't get enough of products that merge the best of biodegradability and recyclability with clean lines and hot looks. We've been partial to wood for its ability to do most of these things. But when it comes to recycling, about all your solid oak table is good for is paper, or kindling. Wood just doesn't melt down and re-form like plastic does. Until now...Swedish furniture maker Lammhults has developed a method for using heat and pressure to bond shredded wood, bark, and other cellulose fibers into a smooth, durable material. Their Imprint chairs are formed using this Cellupress technology. No binders are used, and therefore, no toxic stuff like urea-formaldehyde or polyester resin is needed. The coloring for the chairs is dependant on the original fibers used: Softwoods like pine make for lighter chairs, while hardwood and bark fibers are mixed to form the darker seats. Wood for these chairs can come from small rapidly regrown trees, or even alternate fibers like Kenaf.
:: Imprint Chairs by Lammhults [by DM]