"As If From Nowhere" Hides Table and Chairs In Plain Sight

Sometimes it is hard living in small spaces where you can have too much stuff and just want it to go away. Designer Orla Reynolds has designed what she calls "As if from nowhere"- a bookcase that hides a table and four chairs in plain sight. She is quoted in Dezeen; forgive the block quotes but I like the way she describes it so theatrically.

As if from nowhere… is an independently functioning bookcase which houses four dining chairs and two tables that when placed together form a dining table. It is intended for small living spaces or for those who wish to cater to the unexpected guest.

I began my exploration by focusing on dance. I was a ballet dancer, having studied ballet from the age of four. I wanted to focus on the strength of a ballerina, the lightweight and lightsomeness of a ballerina, the beautiful streamlined silhouette they create.

I began to think about the theatre stage. I thought about how a production is brought together for the audience; how the audience becomes engaged. I then began to think about the home as a stage; and how our lives play out within these four walls. The walls appeared to be the most wasted space, especially in small living spaces such as apartment living. Through concept development, and model making, I created As if from nowhere…

The bookcase is the nucleus of this production. It houses everything, awaiting the performance. The four chairs are like the four swans in Tchaikovsky’s, Swan Lake. The tables are the corps de ballet bringing the production together. Furthermore the bookcase works independently itself, dressing the home.

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As if from nowhere from Orla Reynolds on Vimeo.

"As If From Nowhere" Hides Table and Chairs In Plain Sight
Designer Orla Reynolds Designs a Bookcase Like a Stage Set for Small Spaces

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