Ian Garratt's Masonite Loop Bench

Not exactly winning points for sharp nomenclature, the material in this newly released bench is called Masonite. What is more exciting, in a market flooded with formaldehyde riddled MDF and particleboard, is that it's non-toxic. Yep, wood particles bonded together simply with their own lignin and barely a whiff of..paraffin wax. But a remarkable material, so tough it is normally used as floor underlay and wardrobe linings. Actually a pressed wood substrate, from eucalypt hardwood thinnings, created using a process reminiscent of papermaking. This seat, dubbed The Loop, has been finished with a plant based lacquer and polished up with carnauba and beeswax. Carnauba comes to us from a palm-like tree native to Brazil. Like cork, Carnauba trees surrenders up their treasures on a regular basis, without damage to the tree itself. Drought tolerant leaves covered in a waxy coating are harvested only a few months of each year. Whilst offering curvy style lines to any lounge room, The Loop will serve duty as functional furniture. Posit your new Plasma TV on top and stow the growing DVD collection in the shelves beneath. Guests coming round for a Fondue? Perch up to 120kg worth of shapely bods on The Loop.::Ian Garratt [by WM]