How The Latest Tech Is Finally Affecting Furniture Design: The FlatMate Secretary

flatmate with ipadSofa Schlafsack/Promo image

The things one needs for a home office just keep getting smaller and smaller; some people are even using their phones as computers. Lots of people are using their iPads. Now the furniture designers are catching up; Swiss Miss points to the Flatmate Secretary, designed by Michael Hilgers for Magazin.

flatmate sideMagazin/Promo image

It is only 13 cm deep, barely 5 inches, but when the top is folded out it has a workspace of 71 (28") wide by 42 (16.5") deep, not enough for a full-time job but more than adequate for occasional work. It also has lighting, power outlet, a slatwall back for hanging accessories and storage on the side.

flatmate anglemagazin/Promo image

Think of how much stuff we had a decade ago, the big deep monitor, a separate television and a big stereo system. You needed a big living room just to accommodate it all. Now it can all fit into this. The way we live is changing, the places we live in are changing, and now the furniture is changing too. 990 euros (US$ 1360) at Magazin.

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