Hot or Not? Space Saving Idea: Hang Your Table On The Wall (Survey)

Everyone in comments loves this idea of hanging a table on the wall above the sofa when you don't need it. Apartment Therapy reports:

Josh and Lauren lived for six years in a studio apartment. Determined to host dinner parties in their tiny space, the couple came up with an inspired idea that allowed them to have a instant dining room--but only when they needed one. They bought a dining table light enough and compact enough to be hung on the wall when not in use.

They liked the idea so much that they kept doing it, even when they moved to a larger house where there is room enough to leave it. Instead, most of the time they eat at the kitchen counter. (my emphasis)

Now I don't know what kind of kitchen counter they have, but most are more conducive to grazing than formal dining. Josh and Lauren take the table off the wall for dinner parties, so clearly the counters are not big enough for that. But studies have shown that Eating Together As A Family Creates Better Eating Habits Later In Life and Family Meals Remain Important Through Teen Years, Expert Says.

If I was trying to be like Graham Hill and live a Lifeedited or downsizing into a tiny apartment, I think the last piece of furniture I would part with is the dining room table; it's where we live in our family. What about you?

Hot or Not? Space Saving Idea: Hang Your Table On The Wall (Survey)
Everyone seems to love this idea of hanging the table on the wall when you don't need it. But I think there are a few problems.

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