HIDEsk Is as Minimalist as It Gets

HIDEsk© NoRoom

Designer Michael Hilgers or NoRoom says the classic desk is dead. "Who wants to sacrifice expensive living space for a furniture type that is rarely used anymore?" He's designed the HIDesk to be "just as mobile as a laptop and tablet", at 2'-4" it is just wide enough for a 15" notebook or tablet.

tablet© NoRoom

It is quite clever, with brackets and perforations to support the tablets and deal with wire management; tilt up the desk and it becomes an easel. Keep folding it and the whole desk goes away. Hilgers describes it:

HIDEsk is the first "digital native's desk": It is mobile and light like a tablet, you can fold it to transport it or to hide it. It is as small as possible.

The silly video shows the evolution of the office in Monty Python style, but makes the point. It isn't the first time that I have noted that changes in technology are changing the way we design things, It is a whole new attitude.

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