Heavy Metal Flatpack Chair from Japan


Keiji Ashizawa channels Marcel Breuer and a steel flatpack cantilever chair slides under the door.

"The process is quite simple. We simply cut, drill, or perforate a thin sheet of steel, 1.6mm thick, with laser. At first, we were surprised at how easily a sheet of steel could be bent along a perforated line just like Origami, the traditional Japanese paper craft. We began to call the perforated line to be bent as "live hinge". We have confirmed that if it's not bent repeatedly, the live hinge performs with sufficient strength. By attaching the parts together made out of the same sheet aluminum rivets. Most FPS uses steel sheet of 919mmX1829mm, which is the most common size one can buy. The perforated steel sheet is a fun-to-see object in itself. One would enjoy its ornamental quality even before it is transformed into a product. " ::Keijidesign via ::Jeansnow