Hazel Wood Furniture by Pinch Design

Russell Pinch founded Pinch Design in 2004 and had longed to work with hazel wood because he was stumped for another source for his pieces and we have to agree it was a good choice. Hazel wood, if coppiced the right way, is very sustainable and grows in five to seven years, to approximately 20 feet, and lives for 70-80 years. It is white to reddish, tough but flexible and when it is seasoned it is very hard. Hazel has been traditionally coppiced extensively to provide long sticks for a variety of uses and Pinch has capitalized on this. He tracked down a man in England that grew hazel trees for river dams and went into his forest to collect some branches. His Twig Bench and Twig Cube are sturdy pieces of furniture that are rustic yet work well in a contemporary room. Very cool but be prepared to pay the price. The Twig Cube goes for about $885 and the Twig Bench is about $2,030. Via ::New York Times ::Pinch Design