HauteGREEN Sneak Peek: Full Slant by Rhubarb Decor


Even though we just featured another coffee table in our Sneak Peek series, technically the Full Slant coffee table by Rhubarb Décor is both a coffee table and a bookshelf. It fuses a novel approach of displaying books utilizing their natural tendency to lean with the elegant nature of bamboo ply. The table was inspired by watching books housed between vertical walls. According to designer Todd Laby, "They seemed to try to find comfort by leaning awkwardly under the weight of gravity and yet were slowly damaging their spines. I decided to create useful spaces where books could recline naturally and still remain upright. Hence the name 'Slant'." The table is made from bamboo ply, chosen for its unique strength and beauty, as well as to showcase that sustainable materials are more then mere material substitutes, that their unique properties can both enhance and drive innovation to create ever more useful, modern and intriguing products. ::HauteGREEN and ::Rhubarb Décor

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