HauteGREEN 2007 Sneak Peek: Stria Chair by North Forty


Conceived from the idea to push the boundaries and properties of the solid bamboo materials in an effective chair design without compromising functionality, we're happy to add the Stria chair as the latest entry in TreeHugger's HauteGREEN 2007 Sneak Peek series. Designed by Sandor Pratt of North Forty Design, the chair's design stemmed out of an exploration of shaping the material into structural forms typically achievable only in molded plastics. Says designer Pratt, "I wanted to have the design flexibility of plastic but the natural aesthetics of raw wood. Bamboo’s strength lent itself perfectly to this concept." We love the juxtaposition of grain and the sleek, clean lines achieved by using the CNC (computer numerically controlled) machining process. To see if it looks as good in real life as it does on your screen, head on over to the HauteGREEN exhibition, beginning Saturday, May 19 -- get all the details here. ::HauteGREEN 2007 and ::North Forty Design

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