HauteGREEN 2007 Sneak Peek: Stack Stool by Hivemindesign


Inspired in part by the gears and brightly painted turbines seen in hydroelectric generators, and constructed of scrap wood, the "stack stool" by hivemindesign is the latest in our series of posts that offer a sneak peek at some great (mostly) new sustainable designs coming to this year's HauteGREEN design exhibition (check out the rest of the series here). Designers Ruby Metzner and Sather Duke wanted to create something useful from what others throw away, and picked up small pieces of poplar and walnut to do so. The resulting stool has seven interchangeable parts that can be easily rearranged by the user (and replaced if broken or damaged, we suppose). The poplar pieces have been laminated into larger blocks that can be reused as raw material, and are finished and painted with a water-based, low-VOC finish, to give the castoff wood a more sleek, refined look. We like how the colors, finishes and textures of wood all work together; it's easy to see that there are different parts to the stool, but they don't look thrown together; the stool is more of a finished puzzle than anything. For a closer look, don't miss the HauteGREEN exhibition (May 19 - 22 at 33 W 19th Street in Manhattan) and the satellite installation at Design Within Reach at Flatiron 903 Broadway from May 17 - 21. ::hivemindesign and ::HauteGREEN