HauteGREEN 2007 Sneak Peek: Peter Danko's Kumo Chair


As TreeHugger's HauteGREEN 2007 Sneak Peek series winds down (tomorrow's the last day) and the event cranks up, we're especially excited to have the chance to spotlight some new work by Peter Danko. We've hugged him before (here, here and here) and featured his work among the Best of TH: Sustainable Designers back in 2005; he's been keeping himself busy since then, more recently with the "Kumo" chair. It's made from FSC-certified European beech and webbed with recycled belting material, most often automobile seat belts. About his new design, Danko says, "The goal was to design a transitionally styled chair esthetically compatible with current interior design trends. This design is simple and elegant, with Asian inspiration. It could be characterized as a more lyrical version of Joseph Hoffmann’s Fledermaus chair (see an example here). This design continues an ongoing personal challenge to design moderate priced ultra-sustainable chairs." In addition to the sustainable wood and recycled webbing, Danko uses water-based finishes and non-toxic PVA adhesives, rather than VOC-laden solvent based finishes and the more standard urea/formaldehyde combination. As with much of his other work, Danko's deft use of bent ply, smooth curves and clean lines makes his work at once unmistakable, unique and standard-setting for sustainable, modern furniture. If you can't make it to the exhibition this weekend, there's a lot more to see at his website. ::Danko Design Initiative and ::HauteGREEN 2007