Hacking IKEA to create a whole new look

© Unacucina/ Teste di Legno

IKEA is ubiquitous and perhaps getting a bit boring. But it is affordable, and has taught the world about flatpack design for inexpensive shipping. Italian design firm Teste di Legno takes standard IKEA designs and reinvents them. They write, somewhat grandly:

Christopher Columbus also started off with one idea and he then achieved another, which changed the world.

This is to say that things are not always what they seem and to ask yourself: is it possible to revolutionize the furniture of Ikea, the company that revolutionized how millions of people live? Yes, it is. With a touch of additional “creativity”, we went beyond the design of the icon-trademark of the Swedish company.

The kitchen, shown at top, is " A patchwork of furniture in various sizes and with different functions which transforms into a simple, light and balanced environment."

The starting point is the union of several pieces of furniture, which originally were designed to be what they have always been (for example: night stand, lamp, filing cabinet). The ending point is a multi-image and multi-function piece of furniture. Combine, creatively. Therefore, freely.

Taking new IKEA stuff and hacking it like this isn't particularly green, but the concept could extend to reworking IKEA furniture that is old, tired, or junked. More at Lato B Furniture by Teste di Legno, found on Mocoloco.

Hacking IKEA to create a whole new look
Italian design firm can't quite follow the instructions.

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