The Green Chair by Oscar-Nominated Design Studio Mariscal is Affordable and 100% Recyclable (Photos)

Javier Mariscal and his Green Chair© Mobles 114

At the moment, Barcelona-based Estudio Mariscal is getting attention from all directions as a result of their multi-tasking. The film Chico & Rita just got nominated for a 2012 Oscar (I can't write about their projects without mentioning this wonderful piece of animation), and the Green Chair is being seen in more and more places. Designed by Javier Mariscal (in the photo above) and produced by Mobles 114, this affordable chair is made from recycled Polypropylene and comes with either PEFC-certified wooden or metallic legs, the latter being stackable. The chair can be easily dismantled and the seat is 100% recyclable.

Green Chair detail© Mobles 114
A Lifecycle Analysis showed that the overall environmental impact of the stackable Green Chair (including its packaging) has been reduced by 65,7% compared to the Maui chair by Kartell, a competitor's chair with similar characteristics. The confusion might lie in the name... the Green Chair is grey although the 'un-green' Maui chair comes in a green colour! What I am saying is that the Green Chair might deserve a more original name and hopefully this isn't the only eco-friendly chair Estudio Mariscal and Mobles 114 design.

Green Chair metal legs© Mobles 114

Unfortunately I haven't had the chance to sit in one yet, but the polygonal geometry makes the seat probably quite comfortable and sturdy to assure a long life, both technically and emotionally. It has been designed as an affordable yet attractive and eco-friendly solution for public spaces like restaurants, libraries or schools, indoor and outdoor use. Prices range from 182€ for the Green Chair with wooden legs and 99€ for the metal ones.

Green Chair wooden legs© Mobles 114

What I like is the easy assembly and disassembly for recycling. The seat is apparently also sold without legs to reduce transportation. Mariscal told Experimenta that “in order to send it, for example to Brasil, the seat is sold on its own, because over there they have fantastic wood that can be used to shape the legs later”.

The Green Chair by Oscar-Nominated Design Studio Mariscal is Affordable and 100% Recyclable (Photos)
An affordable, long-lasting and attractive chair made from 100% recycled and recyclable plastic, designed in Barcelona by Estudio Mariscal. Need it far away? Then just buy the seat and get local legs!

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