The grass chair grows again

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The grass chair was invented in 2000 and first seen in TreeHugger in 2006. In fact, it was this TreeHugger's first post and it was a huge hit.

Not only was the chair green, natural, ecological and astonishingly simple in concept--it was also adorable! Who wouldn't want one if they had the space.

Calling it Terra 2.0, the Italian design group Nucleo has decided to bring it back, with some tweaks and changes that make it easier to put together and receive. It's a new Kickstarter campaign and with any luck you could probably get one growing this autumn.

It's a simple concept. It starts with a cardboard frame that slots together.

The Italian designers have revived it because "the world has changed, because we believe that now more than ever, design production needs a sustainable approach".

Technology has changed so it can be more sustainable now. It's smaller, so easier to transport and they cut out the middle man for distribution.

You provide the earth and grass seeds and water and then wait...

The grass chair grows again
First seen in TreeHugger in 2006, the grass chair returns.

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