Good looking shelves and frames for all your knick knacks

These geometric shelves are a modern way to house your curios and souvenirs. Designed and hand made by CHIAOZZA, they can also stand alone as art objects.

shelves© Chiaozza

The Brooklyn based design studio makes "playful objects for everyday life". The alphabet frames are a whimsical example of that concept. Hand-cut using simple wooden joinery, they slot together and can be hung on a nail.

shelves© Chiaozza

These shelves are steam bent to make the graceful curve. The wood is heated in a steam box and then formed into a shape.

The designers are "dedicated to producing our work by hand, in small editions, and locally within New York State, seeking a more direct connection between designer, maker, and user."

shelves© Chiaozza

Called Twin Peaks, the shelves are one in a series of playful geometric shelves. They are inspired by a Danish folk design from the island of Amager, near Copenhagen, and are cut with traditional woodworking saws.

shelves© Chiaozza

The Caterpillar Frame is made of 5 shelves, each in a different colour.

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