Good looking shelves and frames for all your knick knacks

© Chiaozza

These geometric shelves are a modern way to house your curios and souvenirs. Designed and hand made by CHIAOZZA, they can also stand alone as art objects.

The Brooklyn based design studio makes "playful objects for everyday life". The alphabet frames are a whimsical example of that concept. Hand-cut using simple wooden joinery, they slot together and can be hung on a nail.

These shelves are steam bent to make the graceful curve. The wood is heated in a steam box and then formed into a shape.

The designers are "dedicated to producing our work by hand, in small editions, and locally within New York State, seeking a more direct connection between designer, maker, and user."

Called Twin Peaks, the shelves are one in a series of playful geometric shelves. They are inspired by a Danish folk design from the island of Amager, near Copenhagen, and are cut with traditional woodworking saws.

The Caterpillar Frame is made of 5 shelves, each in a different colour.

Good looking shelves and frames for all your knick knacks
These playful shelves would be good design with or without the chotchkies.

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