Gleason Woodworking Studio


Gleason Woodworking Studio is a one-man show run by craftsman/designer Chris Gleason. He builds a really wide variety of pieces, from chairs & tables for restaurants to cabinetry & desks for company workspaces to custom home kitchens. He works with a lot of TreeHugger-approved materials, like no-VOC finishes and reclaimed hardwood lumber. We're pretty impressed that he's able to tackle such a variety of projects, from small-scale, one-of-a-kind commissions to large scale commercial interiors, and we aren't the only ones who like his work; he won the DesignArts Utah award for his "New Modern Designs" line in 2004. Chris also has a new book, "Building Real Furniture for Everday Life," which features projects that can usually don't require a full complement of woodworking tools and can be completed in a day or so. ::Gleason Woodworking Studio via ::Grassroots Modern