Get your Hermès transformer desk for only $60,000

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Transformer furniture has been a feature here on Treehugger forever; by folding up or serving multiple functions it can free up more space and let you live with less. Now Hermès has jumped into the game, with a lovely desk designed by Philippe Nigro, first seen as part of a larger collection shown on Designboom last April.

Hermes desk© Hermes

Now, just in time for Christmas, the New York Times includes the desk in its gift guide. The designer is quoted in the Times:

"The idea was to think about really useful, quotidian objects that you use without thinking that you are using them." As if anything made by Hermès were everyday....The Coffre à Lutrin [is] a folding desk whose compact dimensions suggest a vintage leather trunk. But Mr. Nigro wasn't just evoking past luxuries; he was also thinking about a new species of furniture to accommodate shrinking work tools like tablet computers and smart phones.

The Times notes that "at $60,000, this is not the kind of multifunctional furniture that thrifty people buy to furnish their small quarters." Indeed.

Not available online Hermes

Get your Hermès transformer desk for only $60,000
The price is a bit high, but the detailing is really nice.

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