Get A Workout While You're Working With The We-Bike

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Here is an interesting spin on the idea of pedalling while you work: The We-Bike integrates three workstations into a circle slightly over eight feet in diameter, and each seat has pedals connected to a generator, with each producing thirty watts.

The designers note that it's good for you:

30 minutes WeBike a day, keeps the doctor away. A study on ‘New Forms of Physical and Psychosocial Health Risks at Work’ for the European Parliament indicates physical inactivity as an emerging risk for workers. Member states are now taking measures to tackle physical inactivity. Flanders issued in 2009 a decree recommending to exercise 30 minutes a day.

The seats are made from waste leather and the wood, from waste cedar. I wish they didn't have that display thing that tells you how much power you are generating in the middle though; I imagine meetings and conferences would go a lot more quickly if people had to pedal their way through them. The designers claim that reading speed while doing gentle cycling actually increases by 30% because the user is more alert. If that's

Gizmag calls it " a stylish way to get some sweat-free, easy-going exercise while at work, rest or play. " They note that it costs a healthy €9,950, or US$ 13,154, which is 44 times as much as Jaymi's Fitdesk. But look at all the electricity you will save!

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Get A Workout While You're Working With The We-Bike
The We-Bike desk has built-in bicycle pedals that charge your computer while you work.

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