Get Ready for Summer with a Grass Chair

The ultimate grow-your-own—the grass armchair. Here is the answer to those tricky design problems—where to put the garden chairs, what kind to buy, will they get rusty, be comfortable, be green, look good….The grass armchair is available from Purves & Purves, a furniture design shop. It’s a flatpack, do it yourself kit, consisting of a 14 piece corrugated cardboard frame and a package of grass seeds. It starts to grow after just 10 days. First decide on the best location for it—at the back of the garden so you can enjoy it in peace, or at the front so that you can watch it grow. But it can’t be moved so be serious about this. After you assemble the cardboard frame, you fill it with 240 litres of soil ( supply your own), sprinkle the grass seeds over it, and water it daily. Watch it grow. And enjoy. ::Purves and Purves