Gary Weeks Studio: Rocking Rockers

If you're lucky enough to have received an heirloom ring, chair, or kitchen knives from your parents or grandparents, then you're already familiar with the earliest form of eco-conciousness: Reuse by handing down. The more high durability products that get passed on to a generation, the fewer product (and consequently, fewer resources, energy, natural capitol) will have to be made to satisfy their needs. If you missed out on this tradition, it's not too late to think about something for your own kids. Gary Week's beautiful rocking chairs are an amazing place to start...Developed during the winter of 1991, Gary and his workshop have been making these beautiful, comfortable rockers for nearly 15 years. Built on a pattern developed over 10 years of research and measurement, and designed particularly for nursing mothers and parents rocking their children to sleep, these chairs in are created with an almost manic attention to detail, durability, and finish. Not only will these chairs (and tables too) last a few lifetimes, but they're also made with Forest Stewardship Council certified managed forest wood, and a non-toxic oil/urethane mix finish. They even work in a 3-star certified green building. These may cost a pretty penny, but as far as investments go, it's tough to beat something to enrich your life, and your children's children's lives as well.
:: Gary Weeks Rocking Chairs [by DM]