Furniture Companies See The Forest For The Trees (Photos)

Thonet furniture workshop at Qubique© Qubique

It seems that finally somebody managed to take furniture fairs to another level. Not only is Qubique held at the re-used airport Tempelhof in Berlin, it also traded boring lectures for high quality products and shows this week. 2 brands have caught my attention already for their responsible use of wood and timeless furniture design. The German brand Thonet, responsible for quite a few design classics, uses only wood from forests that are located at no more than 60 km around their factory. The Spanish company Santa & Cole even has their own tree nursery.

Thonet classic furniture FSC-certified© Thonet
Over 190 years of furniture making has made Thonet experts in reducing waste, minimizing their carbon footprint, and using recycled and recyclable materials. I guess after producing tons and tons of chairs and furniture, you realise that a sustainably managed forest is a necessity in the long run. Their new factory is even powered by wind energy. The trick however is to design, as they say, “trouble-free” products that do not enter the throwaway culture.

Santa & Cole at Qubique© Qubique

Like the Spanish designer Miquel Milá says: "If something goes out of fashion it was badly considered since the beginning". I couldn't agree more and yet I wonder why today's pieces of furniture often lack this emotional attachment that prevents us from wanting to change our furniture every now and then. Milá's TMC lamp, on the market since 1961, is on show at Qubique this week. He shares some of his design secrets in this video by Santa & Cole.

Miguel Milá - El rigor de la intuición from Parc de Belloch on Vimeo.

Qubique visitors will also be able to view the production of the legendary Thonet bent wood chair today and tomorrow at the Qubique Factory, and may even participate in the production of this furniture classic under professional supervision.

Furniture Companies See The Forest For The Trees (Photos)
Timeless responsible furniture design on show at Qubique Berlin this week

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