Furniture as Origami


It’s the London Design Festival and this Treehugger’s head is spinning from design overdose. In one block of the east end --in a former Truman’s brewery—there is 100% East for young designers, New Designers selection for new UK designers, with (re)design across the street (eco-friendly design), open space 06 and 100% Norway. Whew! The Norwegians are showing a life-size version of Lovetann, a modular home (see Treehugger), complete with moss panels in the bedroom. In all the exhibits there is a good mix of furniture, lighting and home accessories, with some jewellery and surprisingly little textiles. A few department stores are featuring very high-end design shows as part of the mix. Anthony Dickens, who is part of Kin, a collective that creates products from industrial waste is being shown at Heals Young Designers show. The base of the table pictured here looks like Japanese origami. Each is stamped by a computer-controlled machine and then powder-coated. The legs slot together and the joints tighten when a load goes on the table. :: Anthony Dickens via :: London Design Festival