Furnish your flat with flatpack for under a grand with Greycork

Furniture is a tough business. Costs and prices can vary so much; I recently showed a tiny little desk, barely 5" deep closed up that cost almost $1500. Meanwhile Greycork, a new company out of Rhode Island, is selling furniture for an entire apartment for about that price. It's a new line of flatpacks made from MDF and dowels that assembles quickly and easily without tiny parts and allen keys that you lose in seconds.

greycork line© Greycork

They have a sofa, chaise, side table, coffee table and bookshelf in the line so far, and have a crowdfunding price for the whole lot at $1,000.

sofa back© Greycork

The Greycork Living Room Set is a refreshing furniture option that is made with high-quality materials, is lower priced, and is assembled in under four minutes with no tools. It ships directly to your door from our factory in Massachusetts. When you need to move, it is simple to take apart, easy to transport, and set up again in a new home - all without losing structural integrity or giving you headaches.

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This differs from IKEA furniture, where every time I moved my daughter from residence to home to apartment in her University days I left a trail of IKEA fasteners and dowels behind like breadcrumbs. This furniture uses solid ash dowels and strong chunky connections that will be hard to misplace. That's important; they note that among 20 to 40 year olds, 70 percent stay in one place for one to three years and then move. Perhaps this stuff should be on wheels.

More at Greycork.

Greycork - Upgrade Your Living Room from Greycork on Vimeo.

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