Funny, Star Wars-Inspired DIY Project Makes Laundry Easy

When it's laundry day, I suspect I'm not the only one who has to pick up all of the clothes that are lying on the floor around the hamper before putting them in the wash. It seems that French designer Pierre Vedel is among this group, and he has come up with a solution that will save a lot of knees and backs: the Star Wars-inspired Laundry Basket Monster.

The concept is simple: build a cardboard backboard that fits into a corner to funnel any clothes that hit it into the laundry basket. It's modeled on the ravenous sarlacc, the monster from Return of the Jedi. Once you fall into the downward sloping sand that surrounds its lair, there is little to stop you from ending up in its stomach and being digested over 1,000 years. Now your laundry can share that fate.

Vedel says it is the "best way to get undressed in dark and keep your room tidy." It's a great project, especially for kids and Star Wars fans. It encourages reuse of materials like cardboard and it's pretty straightforward, as far as DIY projects go.

Like his clever armchair made from a wood pallet, Vedel has created the Laundry Basket Monster under a Creative Commons license, the instructions are available on his web site.

Just make sure you green your laundry.

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Funny, Star Wars-Inspired DIY Project Makes Laundry Easy
An easy do-it-yourself project based on a Star Wars monster makes getting dirty clothes in the hamper a lot more fun.