Folding Table and Seating Would Be Perfect In Micro-Apartments

Klapptischbank openMagazin/Promo image

Now that Mayor Bloomberg has announced a competition to build 250 square foot micro-units, TreeHugger is going to show you how to furnish it. This folding table found on NOTCOT might fit the bill; more like a picnic bench, it includes both a table and seating. at 70 cm (2'-4") long it is only going to seat two, which is a shame. Folded up, it is only ten inches deep, so you could store two of them in a pretty small space.

It's called the Klapptischbank Up Up Up, from Germany's Magazin. Unfortunately it is made from Afzelia, or DoussiƩ, which Rainforest Relief says should be avoided entirely.

Klapptischbank Up Up UpMagazin/Promo image

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