Flatpack Table Assembles Like House of Cards

nzela table assembly photo

Images credit Kayiwa

Upon seeing the NZELA table in Swiss Miss, I was immediately reminded of two things: the way Gerrit Rietveld used colour in the Red Blue Chair; the way one assembles Charles Eames' house of cards. It is such a simple concept.


nzela table set up photo

Designer Lincoln Kayiwa says that it can be used "not only be used for dining but also as a conference table, a statement piece for the lobby or for an unofficial ping-pong match." Available from Kayiwa of Finland.


If the NZELA table is too expensive for you (11,808 €, or US$ 17,000, perhaps a new record for flatpack furniture) Lincoln Kayiwa also offers these brilliant sterling silver spring-loaded chopsticks for only 315 € ( US $ 453)

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