Flatpack Smackdown: KitKat Vs. D. E. Sellers

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JWT New Zealand

Fast Company shows us an advertising campaign from New Zealand where Kit Kat asks: "In the Kiwi summer of 2010, large crowds gathered at outdoor events and concerts. But how could we capture the imagination of this captive audience, give them a break from the ordinary and bring the iconic Kit Kat brand to life?" They answer by offering a free flatpack Kit Kat chair. But look at what is left on the wall there; probably as much wood as in the chair.

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D. E. Sellers

Designer D. E. Sellers has been producing flatpack furniture for a while; the goal is always to minimise waste. He designs the chair to use every single bit of the plywood; there is nothing left to hang on the wall. That's the whole point of flatpack: to design in a way that eliminates waste in manufacture and shipping. The Kit Kat chair fails at both.

I am looking forward to seeing Sellers' new eDesk at ICFF.

d e sellers flatpack desk photo

The eDesk is a designer's approach to helping the developing world attain education. Humanitarian aid organizations can use the design as an open source for free.

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