From Flat To Table in Seconds, The Snappy Table Is A Clever Transformer

snappy table open and closedSnappytable/Promo image

Josh Rubin at Coolhunting spotted the Snappy Table at the New York Gift Show, and called it a " a simple solution to compact living spaces." I call it a clever piece of transformer furniture that seems to fold and unfold with incredible ease. Their website is a word-free zone, but Coolhunting describes it:

Founder Dean Robinson crafts each petite table from bamboo, plastic or or maple Europly, adding a convenient handle to the lightweight frame for a portable, easy-to-pack piece of furniture. The handle also serves as the starting point for unfolding the clever table, which easily swings open and rests on its legs as its name suggests. The typically plain surface also offers up an array of ways to get creative with customized, bright and punchy graphics. Plus, there's something about the pared down silhouette that makes us think the style will endure as a new kind of classic.

They apparently have a new factory. And, I found words on the website!

Snappytables gracefully balance form and function with their fluid transformation between awesome table and attractive wall ornament. Wall fitting included!

Nice graphic on the how it works page of the very minimalist website for Snappy Tables

From Flat To Table in Seconds, The Snappy Table Is A Clever Transformer
A quick and easy-to-use design that takes up no space, at a reasonable price.

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