Flat Out The Most Amazing Piece Of Transformer Furniture I've Ever Seen

Rising side table flat© Robert Van Embricqs

Dutch designer Robert van Embricqs has a design practice " based on movement and transformation combined with practicality on small and bigger scales." He has built this amazing table that starts out as a board, completely flat, and then goes through a remarkable transformation.

Designer picking up table© Robert Van Embricqs

Usually, wood is known for its unwielding rigidness. Yet, by slightly twisting every single beam around its axis, the Rising Side Table forms to create a sturdy latticework that appears to be in a perpetual wave like motion.

Rising side table process© Robert Van Embricqs

On top of that, the Rising Side Table is constructed using an innovative new hinge system that ensures its light weight and easy to handle, without losing any of its esthethic qualities.

rising side table up© Robert Van Embricqs

This does so many things well. There is almost no waste, it goes from completely flat, and looks good. That's tough. He's got a table and chair too! More at Robert van Embricqs, found on Trends Now

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