Fabulously Bold, Recycled "Divine" Chairs By Kitty McBride

Photos: The Divine Chair Company

Vintage furniture is coming back in a big way, with furniture designers finding new ways to update old-fashioned finds. Frustrated with being unable to find an affordable vintage chair, much less one she liked, New York-based designer Kitty McBride started The Divine Chair Company, taking antique chairs and re-painting with bold colours and re-upholstering them with her signature fabrics -- resulting in eccentric yet beautiful contrasts.


McBride began by selling her one-of-a-kind pieces on Craigslist in 2008. Soon, however, the business grew and expanded to NYC's GreenFlea Sunday Market in the Upper West Side. She now sells her incredible chairs online (starting at US $400) and also does custom orders and rentals.



In an interview with About.com, McBride talks a bit about her inspiration:

What I love is color, and I love fabric. Unusual fabrics.


Typically, McBride will find her unusual fabrics in Manhattan's Garment District. Often, she will set aside a special fabric, and then pair it with a finish, before finding the right chair. Her creative process is intuitive and is all about eye-popping colours. To this end, she also suggests how and why colour can bring some positivity:

Get some color in your life... [It's] a little bit of therapy. You look at them and color makes you happy.

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