Endless Chair Goes Straight From Lineland to Spaceland, Skips Flatland

endless chair and designer

Image credit DMY

One of the winners of the top award at the International Design Festival Berlin was Endless by Dutch designer Dirk Vander Kooij. He melts down refrigerators for the plastic raw material, extrudes it into a string, and then has a robot "double it back and forth until it forms a seat."

flatland map

Anyone who is a devotee of the 1884 classic Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions will recognize the significance of this: we normally envision the step from 2D printing to 3D printing, but this really skips a dimension, Starting at 1D, going straight from Lineland to Spaceland, skipping Flatland completely.


Here is a lovely video of the process:

More at the designer's website.

living tools photo

Another award winner was Yi-Cong Lu's Living Tools, covered on TreeHugger earlier: Simple Transformer Furniture Design Has No Moving Parts

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