Drop-front desk looks like a giant pill on your wall

Emko open top
© Emko Pill

Years ago we used to show wall mounted desks all the time, some incredibly gorgeous and others more industrial. The big advantage is that they take up a lot less space and they go away when you are done, perfect for those who work from home or in small spaces. They kind of went away for a number of reasons; people who were seriously into computers for work often want a real desk, and most others are migrating to phones. And as we noted a few weeks ago, people are giving up on home offices altogether.

However, like Rain Noe at Core77, (who is “admittin' to being smitten”) I like this Pill Wall Mounted Desk from Lithuanian company Emko and designed by Dalius Razauskas.

Multifunctional and stylish, the desk aims to provide the cure for cluttered living spaces while also offering an innovative way of creating a compact workspace. The round cabinet can be installed on a wall at any height, to suit the needs of the owner.

The drop front is supported by two pneumatic stays, which are usually placed at the outside edge but because the desk is curved, have to be set in. Since they are intruding into the work space, they do not come out very far, nowhere near a 45 degree angle. I suspect that it would be a bad idea to put a lot of weight out at the edge of this desk.

They could have designed it without those stays, and instead have one or both of the doors underneath fold open to support the desk above. There are mechanisms that might have even done that automatically.

But everyone’s a critic, I just love the look of a big pill on the wall, and it is enough space for most people to work these days. More at Core77 and available on Gessato.

Drop-front desk looks like a giant pill on your wall
We roundly approve of the Emko Pill desk that goes away when your work is done

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