Dreamy Deckchairs

Summer time, and the living is easy. Here's an arty and eco-friendly chair to add a cool and sophisticated touch to the patio... The canvas seating has been designed by famous celebrities, of course. The most famous is Damien Hirst of the diamond skull fame, but sorry folks, his is already sold out. Other designers include a chef, a pop group and a t.v. personality. Even though it's unclear what many of them have to do with art and design, the results are quite pleasing. The chair frames are made of sustainable wood and best of all, the proceeds go to the Royal Parks: "buy a deckchair, help a tree". They need the money because "with hotter, drier summers and increasingly unpredictable winters, it is proving harder to establish young trees and to care for existing trees... trees work hard to help clean up the city atmosphere, they provide homes for wildlife and just looking at them makes us all feel better." :: Deckchair Dreams

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