Dirk Winkel's "A Stacking Hommage" -- New Versions of Old Classics


"A Stacking Hommage" is design student Dirk Winkel's nod to three classic chair designs, updated for the 21st century. The Barcelona Chair (above), the Eames Lounger and Le Corbusier's LC2 (below the fold) have been given a plastic makeover and designed to be stackable, packable, and more affordable. We always like to see classic, timeless designs given a fresh coat of paint and new appeal; when added affordability and smart, space-saving design are added to the equation, it bumps it up another notch closer to the top of the TreeHugger "must-have" list. We don't know if these are (or could be) made from biopolymers, but we've got our fingers crossed; wouldn't it be more fun to lounge by the pool or on your patio in one of these, instead of the ubiquitous white plastic chairs? ::Dirk Winkel via ::Core77 More groovy pics below the fold.


Le Corbusier's LC2 (left) and the Eames Lounger (right)