Designer Makes Chairs out of Drinking Straws, Wire and Wood

Clutch Chair

Scott Jarvie is a man with a passion: chairs. And he makes them out of everything: drinking straws, wood, metal.

His most notorious is the Clutch Chair, made from 10,000 drinking straws. It's a wry comment on our disposable culture. The architect Zaha Hadid loved it, and chose it as a festival Curator's Choice winner a few years ago.

One Cut Chair

Using environmental materials in his work, the Scottish designer has created the One Cut Chair, made out of a single piece of wood, with just a bit of steel support on the bottom. The One Cut Chair is water jet cut from a single sheet of plywood. He explains "the chair can be manufactured quickly and easily, eliminating the need for labour intensive and time consuming methods associated with traditional furniture construction." He has cut it from wood with almost no waste. Multiple chairs can be cut from a regular-sized piece of plywood.

Atlas Chair

The Atlas Chair was "derived by projecting flat angled planes through a volume and using the intersecting elements to generate the profiles that create the sections of the chair." It comes in five bright colours and apparently the seat is very ergonomic and comfortable.

Wire Chair

The Wire Chair is made to look like it is a continuous section of metal rod. It's a combination of the latest computer design and the age old traditions of Scottish metal working. It received an international design award too.


And for a piece of environmental and location appropriate sculpture: the Languoreth. Located in a station, the winding, fish-like piece is clad in transport tickets collected from the very space that it now inhabits.

Designer Makes Chairs out of Drinking Straws, Wire and Wood
Scott Jarvie is a designer with a passion for chairs.

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