Derelict furniture is perfect for Derek Zoolander

Derelict room suite
© Derelict

Derek Zoolander had his Derelicte; Today, if he was furnishing his Center for Kids Who Can't Read Good, he might specify the furnishings from Derelict, designed by Estonian architects and designers Tõnis Kalve and Ahti Grünberg. Derelict "creates unusual and original furniture from wood recovered from industrial scrap, historic woodpiles and exciting abandoned sheds. "

The Derelict concept is to transform imperfections of wood into highlights of the product, bringing out the textural beauty and colour nuances. The unique manufacturing process involves cleaning the recovered wood and bonding and calibrating it to the right size to achieve the envisioned look. While the designs follow a consistent idiom, each crafted item has a unique character depending on the used material.

The wood is gathered from a hippodrome in Tallinn, or "exclusive material collected from a restricted Czarist-era military building on a distant Baltic coast or a time-worn camping shed which used to shelter nature explorers in Estonia’s primeval Soomaa swampland."

You don't just get furniture made from seriously recycled material, but you get to know it's provenance.

Each unique client of Derelict will get a special number connected to the piece they acquired to find out which story his or her Derelict product carries.

As Mugatu said, "Let me show you Derelicte. It is a fashion, a way of life." Derelict. Found on Mocoloco

Derelict furniture is perfect for Derek Zoolander
It's made from industrial scrap and abandoned sheds, with truly Derelict style.

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