David Colwell's Trannon TS series table

We've already reported David Colwell's chairs. Today we'd like to focus on David's three legged tables that we classify as masterpiece. As any piece of furniture designed by David, sustainability is on the agenda, not only within the use of materials -local uk ash- but also within the idea of creating objects that people wish to sustain. And that means quality : Designed to support the glass top, three rectangular section ash posts, joined with a tubular "Y" shaped steel spider, are braced below the top with stainless steel cable. The 10 mm toughened glass tops are mounted on grey rubber suction pads that hold the whole table as one while allowing easy unplug.

David Colwell's website shows his best pieces with design sketches, among which the Scottish Parliament Reception Desk which demonstrates fully the art of steam bending that allows curves and shapes that evocate perfectly the surrounding highlands.

David Colwell Design