Cushy Cork Seating by Nick Tretiak


TreeHugger has seen cork used to create many, many things; its vibration dampening, sound absorption and resilience make it great for everything from shoes to floors to walls and even speakers. We've even seen it in seating, with a stool and lounger to boot; to that stable of furniture we add Nick Tretiak's Cork Lounge, which uses the unique physical properties of the bark in a smart way. Says designer Tretiak, "I wanted to incorporate the tactile softness of cork but refrain from using a solid block of material. I developed a special lamination that allows the cork to remain thin yet strong with subtle flexability [sic]." We think cork's cushiness would make for a particularly comfy seat, and love the spare materials use combined with the sleek modern design; there's more of the same at the designer's website. ::Nick Tretiak via ::Apartment Therapy