Covello Reesor's Common Chair: Old Ideas, Old Materials, New Design


Based on a 200 year old chair model that was brought to Ontario when the province was settled and steeped in the idea that we can look to the past for ideas and inspiration to solve modern problems, Covello Reesor brought their Common Chair to HauteGREEN, the sustainable design exhibition, earlier this month (check out our Sneak Peek series for more of what was there). The chair, an updated take on an iconic piece of Canadian furniture history, is made from scraps of hardwoods collected from Toronto's studios and manufacturers; we originally spied it at this Toronto event earlier this year. Each chair, though identical in form, is assembled from a random collection of the wood scraps, making for an interesting combination of the different, unique materials and batch production. In building on a furniture tradition that has been in Ontario for centuries, the Common Chair represents the sustainability of ideas as well, something that will stay fresh no matter how old the materials are. Site launching soon at ::Covello Reesor

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