Con.Temporary Furniture: Simple Screwless Flatpack

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Swiss designer Colin Schaelli tells the story of John Doe, who was so tired to going to the Big Swede for cool furniture on a budget. Really, his only friend from Scandinavia is Billy. "All others appear too unappealing to him. And who could disagree? Nobody wants acquaintances he needs an extensive manual for, right?" So Colin designed con.temporary furniture, really simple designs that go together without screws and don't need a manual.

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Where most flatpacks are designed around the standard sheet of plywood, Schaelli uses the Japanese tatami mat dimension as his standard module. The 85cm x 170 cm (33 inches x 67 inches) dimension is easier to transport in a car. To avoid long distance shipping, the furniture is manufactured in Switzerland and Japan.

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It is clearly strong stuff. Colin writes that he is looking for carpenters in other countries but that "Rome wasn't built in a day." But these might be great downloadable designs.

More at Con.Temporary furniture.

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